Organisations can achieve better results when more focus is put on human factors in different phases of the employment life-cycle.

Our assessment based solutions provide you the tools to improve the quality of your human capital from start to finish. 

During the recruitment phase, we  will help to identify the “right” person for each job based on his or hers unique set of skills, competencies, attitudes and behavior. Our unique, assessment based services will pre-screen and rank the applicants in a Applicant Tracking System. Selecting candidates for interviews will be a breeze and we will support you with personalised interview questions as well guaranteeing a faster, cheaper and more effective hiring process overall.

Next, during the on-boarding and embedding phase, the critical first 6 to 12 months on the job, we will help the new hire and his/her line manager for him/her to be integrated, motivated and engaged quickly. Our individual coaching will be based on the personal assessments to customize the learning experience of the new hire. This is how you as an employer can differentiate yourself.

Then, with each business operation cycle, our assessments will be the basis of employee development plans. Delivering results, engagement, pro-activity and continuous learning are key focus points. individual coaching and training focuses on the achievement of the organizational, personal and work-life balance goals by developing leadership attitude and behavior and working on engagement and contribution.

Individual training from experienced coaches/trainers focusing on concrete goals and action plans will create change.

A transformation if you like as old habits and behavior will make room for new habits and behavior.

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