Why do employees leave a company, even after years of dedicated work? Because they don’t see a future, or they just happen to see a better one somewhere else. The saying “Employees don’t leave companies, they leave their bosses.” makes clear that the quality of people management and employee development are key to increase employee engagement, commitment and retention. And while you can’t guarantee that even your most committed employees won’t leave some day, you can minimize the chances that they do by using assessment based talent management.By administering assessments that give you the information you need to really see an individual’s true potential, management can help optimize the return on talent investment in your company, rather than looking externally to fill open positions continuously.

Helping your talent see what their next step within your company could be and providing a clear and assessment substantiated development path is a proven way to keep them motivated and engaged. Not only does this type of succession planning show them they are valuable, it helps them think bigger, which results in more satisfaction, productivity, and an overall better company culture.

Your current pool of employees is filled with talent, but, unless you have extensive resources, it can be hard to put a finger on it, leaving management at a loss when it comes time to promote or fill vacant positions. In order to effectively manage, your company must have useful analytics and data, giving them the information they need to know how each and every employee can be best managed, engaged, motivated and retained and why.

That’s why using assessments to gauge employee interest and preferences and development gaps is critical to keeping the company running at its fullest potential. When employees understand their next steps, and how to get there, they are much more likely to continue to work enthusiastically, developing the skills they need in order to fill the role they want next.

When everyone is on the same page about what the company’s next move is, the whole ship steers much more smoothly and fewer people abandon ship prematurely too.

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