Once your company has identified the right talent for the position, the importance of assessments is anything but obsolete. During the embedding process, which takes place over the first several months and, in some cases, the entire first year, management can use assessments to identify key assets and behavioral challenges of new talent. These key assets, such as their ability to lead, project manage, or their desire to speak publicly, traditionally go unnoticed for years, leaving talent feeling underwhelmed, under-utilized, and under-engaged.

The result?

Low retention rates.

This is why assessment testing during this embedding phase is so important. In order to keep employees happy and productive, management must understand what really makes someone “tick”. And, they must realize that it’s different for each and every employee. The idea that every employee must fit into a box or they’re no good has no place in innovative companies.

The opposite is true.

By using assessments to discover what your talent is passionate about, good at and how they behave in certain situations, companies have the opportunity to engage new employees from the very beginning. This sets the entire relationship off on a positive, exciting trajectory, one that cultivates long-term relationships.

This type of assessment can also reveal more than your talent’s assets; it can discover their weaknesses, too. And, when they are identified early on during the embedding phase, these hindrances give managers the tools they need to personally coach each individual, focusing on exactly what they need to grow into their fullest potential.

By sharing the results of these assessments with the employee, management has the potential to build a repertoire of mutual trust and respect. Arming employees with self-knowledge, they are better equipped to handle the day-to-day stresses of work, keeping their eye on growth and opportunity, rather than glued miserably to pile of work on their desk.

Low retention rates mirror the old school “fit in or f off” approach which companies no longer can afford. The responsibility for new talent to thrive in your organization requires a customized, assessment based embedding and development process.

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